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Vintage Grading Philosophy

Muddy Condition Standards

  • Mint: Garment is faultless, was worn seldom or not at all, and has not been altered to a second permanence.

  • Excellent: Garment has no obvious faults in appearance, and possibly was worn several times. Fibers may be weakened by time and/or conditions.

  • Good: Garment has minor stains and/or fabric tearing or abrasion which may be noticeable; or, fabric may be weak from time and/or conditions.

  • Fair: Garment has apparent stains and/or fabric wear; these problems are either irreparable or have been repaired, but are not perfect in appearance.

  • Poor: Garment has obvious permanent stains and/or fabric wear and is not repairable in its present state. These garments are sometimes useful for display, costume, or pattern copying.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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